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thrash death heavy metal
Membros da banda
Luiz Carlos Louzada – Vokills
Zhema Rodero – Guitar
Carlos Diaz – Bass
Arthur “von barbarian” – Drums
Gerson Fajardo – Guitar
Companhia discográfica
Renegados Recs (Bra)
Breve descrição
VULCANO Brazilian Metal Legend
Descrição longa
The pioneers of the extreme Metal.
cover photo by Andrez Truber
Write the biography of this band, bring back in the memory a difficult time when Brazil was a strong political transition, social, economic, musical, in Europe the NWOBHM was emerging, and appeared changes in the traditional metal sound creating a more aggressive became called as Black Metal, Death Metal. Here in Brazil in 81 and 82 was no different and there’s a lot of difficulties. But there’s not what Zhema, Magrão, Carli Cooper thinking when they created the band VULCANO.

And this way began the history of this band, which helped to take root and spread heavy metal in Brazil being considered one of the firsts bands of Black / Death from Latin America.

It’s first record was between 82 and 83 with a single called “Om Pushne Namah ” that today is a true relic of the Brazilian underground metal, and marks the trajectory of J. Piloni (drums) in the band.

The shows were appearing, but the difficulties were immense, the band had to produce their own shows since pasting the posters as to assemble the proper structure to play, but it had its compensations, it served as a force for Vulcano go on and on 84 released the demo “Devil On My Roof”.

The first lineup changes beginning and the band still could not penetrate the São Paulo metal scene, Vulcano could only play in the cities close to São Paulo. This fact which prompted the band to record In 1985 Vulcano Live!. Recorded in August in the city of Americana, without any mixing, was the first live album of metal released in Brazil and led to the public every aggression of heavy metal generated by Zhema (bass), Soto Jr (guitar), Zé Flávio (guitar), Laudir Piloni (drums) and Angel (Vocals).

It was with this formation that bring to us the first album of Brazilian Black Metal; “Bloody Vengeance” in 1986 shocking the minds of many people. A darkness album, enigmatic lyrics with obscure, indirect and today, the sounds still more current than ever.

In the following years the band released “Anthropophagy” (87) and “Who Are The True (88) which was a cry of anger to a situation that had been imposed by a mercenary media who did not live the things that happened in underground bands and wanted to become more popular, pasteurized what would happen in the 90s.

Against this “status quo” Vulcano released in 1990 the album “Rat Race” after that the band resolves to take a break, to put the ideas in order. In this reflection period, Vulcano still has a few shows, but nothing concrete, in this meantime the record label Cogumelo Records re-released sold out albums of the band and so the Vulcano come back in 2000.

In December 2001 are taken by surprise by the death of Soto Jr. (guitar) victim of a heart attack, was a great loss went away years of friendship and experiences in the Brazilian underground scene.

In 2003 Vulcano record a new album titled “Tales From The Black Book” only released in February 2004 because problems with the art, this CD brings back all the fury of the 80 accumulated all these years of silence. Bringing back a legend called VULCANO.

Following another change of formation in 2005 and now Vulcano has Zhema (guitar), Angel (vocals), Arthur (drums), Diaz (bass) and Fernando (guitar), whith this line up launched in 2006 in Sweden Split vinyl along with a horde Nifelheim two new songs.

In 2009 they released by Cogumelo Records a new albun “FIVE SKULLS AND ONE CHALICE”. This work brings the presence of Luiz Carlos Louzada, lead singer who had passed by earlier and that Vulcano would record two tracks on this album.

Early in 2010 Angel left the band, which recruits again Luiz Carlos Louzada to assume the voice, now the band has also quoted the singer, Arthur “von barbarian” (drums), Zhema Rodero (guitar), Fernando Nonath (guitar) and Diaz (bass).

In October and November 2010, Vulcano did a touring through Europe. The band traveled across 11 countries.

Vulcano finished its 8º album “Drowning in Blood” it’ll be released officially in august 2011.

Nowadays, Vulcano is booking gigs through Brasil and South America and they hope play in your country soon.
Localização atual
Santos, BRAZIL
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Agente (Europe);



Data de início
Fundada a 2003
Thrash metal
Membros da banda
Fredrik Wester – Guitar & Vocals
Kristian Martinsson – Bass Guitar
Manne Flood – Drums
Companhia discográfica
Cyclone Empire Records
Breve descrição
Premium Swedish thrash metal! |
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Various thrash metal from the 80’s and early 90’s.
Interesses da banda
Delivering thrash metal madness to the masses.