26 Set 2015
Abertura de Portas: 18h30
Início: 19h00
Entrada: 23,00€

VENOM INC. [UK] + VADER [POL] + Divine Chaos [UK] + Witches [FR]

VENOM INC. – (Venom line up 1988 – 1992) – Mantas / The Demolition Man / Abaddon.

VADER – Special Old School Classic Set 1990 Years.

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– TBA ( A anunciar dia 9 de Agosto)



Dia 26 Setembro – RCA Club – Lisboa

Abertura de Portas – 18:30

Início dos concertos – 19:00


20€ – (Pré-venda) – Até dia 1 de Agosto

23€ – (Pré – venda) – A partir de dia 2 de Agosto

25€ – (Próprio dia) – Venda apenas no dia 26 de Setembro

Locais de venda:

– Carbono Amadora

– Glam-o Rama – Lisboa

– Abep – Lisboa

– RCA Club – Lisboa

– Side B – Benavente

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After more than 20 years and for reasons that will become apparent, along with repeated fan requests, we introduce …


Following on from the much acclaimed Prime Evil album era and in the great tradition of VENOM, the three protagonists continue to brew the cauldron……

Mantas – The Demolition Man – Abaddon


” Venom inc. will playing all Venom Classics from the following albums”

Welcome to Hell (1981)

Black Metal (1982)

At War With Satan (1984)

Possessed (1985)

Calm Before the Storm (1987)

Prime Evil (1989)

2015 With a launch appearance at the highly respected ‘Keep It True festival’ in April, followed by live dates in China, Japan and Taiwan in July, a full European tour, with Polish giants VADER, in September, with a FULL and CLASSIC VENOM set.

Followed by a brand NEW album

This absolute powerhouse of metal are set to bring you all that was/is and will be Venomously brutal and exciting. It is time to set the record straight and give back what was lost.

Welcome to the beginning of the end….!!


Breve descrição
The Demolition Man, Mantas and Abaddon…back and more Venomous than ever…it;s time things got straight….got real.



  • Death Metal
  • Membros da banda
    Peter: Guitar + Vocals

    Pajak: Guitar

    Hal: Bass

    James: Drums

  • Naturalidade
  • Companhia discográfica
    Nuclear Blast Records

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  • Breve descrição
    TIBI ET IGNI, out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. Order at
  • Diretor-geral
    info [at]



  • Género
    Thrash Metal
  • Membros da banda
    Chris O’Toole – Lead Guitar,
    Dave Bennett – Bass/vox,
    Benny F – Vocals,
    Gilmour – Guitar,
    James – Drums
  • Naturalidade
    London, United Kingdom
  • Companhia discográfica
    Evil EyE Records
  • Afiliação
    Evil EyE Industries
  • Breve descrição
  • Descrição longa
    Extreme Thrash
  • Biografia
    Divine Chaos are a five piece metal band from the south east, intent on creating better music and a more intense live show than the sort of act people have become used to in recent years.

    Divine Chaos blend what they believe to be the best elements of metal into thier own and do not seek acceptance…

  • Localização atual
  • Diretor-geral
    Evil EyE Management
  • Artistas de quem também gostamos
    Revocation, Havok, As You Drown, No Made Sense, Maniacal Edge, Sylosis, Xerath, Bloodshot Dawn, Shadow Law, Aparitions of the end, Nebukadnezza, Furyborn, Blind Eye Fury, Terrathorn
  • Influências
    Testament, Pantera, Vader, Symphony X, Sepultura, Sodom, The Haunted, Old-Metallica, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Nevermore, Opeth, Exodus, Carcass,
  • Interesses da banda



  • Género
    Metal – Thrash – Death …
  • Membros da banda
    Sibylle COLIN-TOCQUAINE (Guitar/Vocals) /
    Jonathan “Sangli” Juré (drums) /
    Lienj (lead guitars) /
    Oliver (bass).
  • Naturalidade
    Paris & Rouen, France / Previously from Antibes, France
  • Companhia discográfica
  • Breve descrição
    Female fronted Metal Band with gutural vocals
  • Biografia
    Formed in Dec. 1986, WITCHES is the first band in France with female guttural voice!
    WITCHES recorded several demos (“Silly Symphony” – 1988, “Agressive Soap” – 1989, “Lost of the Precious” – 1991, “Wind of Time” – 1993). These tapes were distributed in France and overseas and were quickly sold out!
    First album “3.4.1” (three for one) recorded in May 1994 in Germany was produced and distributed in France and Belgium by Abathrash /Boucherie Productions and distributed by such labels as Relapse Records and Wild Rags in the USA. This CD is sold out (2000 ex. sold in France).
    MCD “Mort Né” out in 1997, contained 5 songs, recorded later for the 2nd album.
    Last full album “7” (pronounced in French “sept”), was out in 2007 on label Multicom City Distribution. And is also nearly sold out.
    For WITCHES First demos 25th anniversary, in sept 2014, Emanes Metal Records produced, a limited edition vinyl “Agressive Symphony” containing demos from 1988 & 1989.
    WITCHES played mainly in France, in Paris: la Locomotive, Gibus and Elysée Montmartre; but also in other towns like Lille, Tours, Limoges, Poitiers, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse…etc.
    WITCHES played with bands like: Six Feet Under (US), M:Pire of Evil (ex-Venom) (GB), Entombed (Swe), Sixty Nine (B), Rain Shatter (Mex), Vredehammer (Nor), Sic Zone (Ger) and French bands: Agressor, No Return, Execution, Hemoragy, Blaspheme, ADX, Killers, Still Square, Demon Eyes, RBO, Evil One, Uncorporal, Lost Era, Sykhlone, Necropsy, Les Sales Majestés, Sidilarsen, Orakle, Würm, Dreadful Silence, Blood Reign, Human Fate and Desarticulate.

    The band is now composing songs for a new album which will be planned in 2015!

    Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine, Guitar/Vocals
    Oliver, Bass
    Lienj, Guitars
    Jonathan “Sangli” Juré, Drums

    former members :
    Mag FOURCADE, Bass /
    Bernard QUERUEL, Guitars /
    Franck GASNIER, Drums /
    Sido Micholet, bass /
    Nicolas Borg, drums /
    Iza Chalmin, Bass /
    Nathalie Degiovanni, guitars

  • Localização atual
    Ile de France
  • Influências