We Are The Damned + Diabolical Mental State + Hourswill

20 Dez 2014
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544826_584435498266485_797351794_n…Thrash/Death Metal legends from Portugal, SACRED SIN, was formed in the summer of ’91, in October ’91 the band recorded their first tape. In September ’92 the band recorded 4 new tracks for a 7″EP out on Slime Rec.(Portugal), and Wild Rags Rec. (U.S.A.) on tape. In ’92 they start touring activity. In the spring of ’93 and due to the interest of Musica Alternativa the band entered Edit studios with producer Jorge Adonis and recorded the fabulous album “DARKSIDE”.

The reaction of both public and critics was unanimous in claiming this as the best death metal album ever released by a Portuguese band. The band has also played some tour dates as support act for NAPALM DEATH and MANOWAR and were invited to play at “HEADBANGERS Ball Video Road Show”. The “DARKSIDE” video has also been featured on MTV-HEADBANGERS BALL (they were the first and only Portuguese band to have a video played on MTV at the time) and it was also played on MTV – Brazil and TELEJONICA – Italy. In April ..95 the band went into the studio again to record the follow-up, to be released by Dinamo / BMG Ariola on November, entitled “Eye M God” it’s much more powerful and better produced than the early material.

During June they support TIAMAT, SAMAEL & SENTENCED. To promote the new album they toured Europe during December supporting MALEVOLENT CREATION, and VADER which began after the gig in Portugal supporting THERAPY ?. From this album they made the video for the titletrack “Eye M God” that has been featuring at MTV..s Headbangers Ball and at VIVA..s Metalla. In June ’98 the band sign a deal with Uniao Lisboa / Farol, and they go to Exit studio to record «Anguish I Harvest». This album is licensed to UK label Dream Catcher for European distribution and is released in February..’99. In March the band starts touring activities in Portugal, and supported ENTOMBED in April. In June the tour follows in Spain and more shows in Portugal. In the Summer the band appears at some major Festival in their country with bands like MANOWAR, NAPALM DEATH, PARADISE LOST, etc.

During November they join PRIMORDIAL for a tour in Portugal and Spain to finish a year of intense touring. In June 2000 they come back for more shows in Portugal, Spain and Belgium. For the Halloween 2000 the band goes back on the road for the 2nd part of «Anguish the Tour», playing more shows in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Germany . In November the band signed with UK label DEMOLITION Records, and in December start the recordings at their own new studio the “13th Cave”. The album intituled «TRANSLUCID DREAM MIRROR» is released on the 9th of April 2000. This album was undoughtly controverse as the band progressed a lot into different styles, but it represents a big step forward on the way the music is made.

Since October 2001, the band has a new drummer, Rolando Barros. With him the band toured in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal during November to promote the latest release «Translucid dream mirror».In the beginning of 2002 the band was writing new songs. Meanwhile, and celebrating a decade of extreme metal releases, is coming out in October a limited edition compilation CD intituled «Mastery of holy imperial art – a decade of extreme metal music 92 – 02» . The track list includes all of Satans favourites songs, re-mastered versions, plus additional cover versions from MORBID ANGEL, VENOM, DARK ANGEL and SLAYER. This release was licensed to BLACKENED MOON Productions (USA), and RESOUND Records (Austria) is putting out in MC format. The new album, the fifth full length release so far, was recorded during March and April , again at the 13th Cave, the bands own studio, the mixing took place during Summer.

This new album, intituled «Hekatón – the return to primordial chaos» is inspired in the myths and legends of Atlantis. It’s the fastest and most brutal release from the band so far. Reviews for this, the bands second release on Demolition, have been the best yet, with Germanys Rock Hard giving them a 8/10 and international reviews in general being 8/10 or higher. Touring from October to December 2005 in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium to promote this release. SACRED SIN is back in 2006, recording during September new release “Dawn Over Desolation” , announced for early 2007, with the band hitting the stages in Portugal and Spain for celebration of 15 years of extreme metal mastery. .. New album «Dawn Over Desolation» is released under Nemesis Productions, including 6 songs: «Dawn Over Desolation», «Spellborn Rotten», «Darkside MMVII A.D.» (new version from the brutal classic), «A Monestary In Darkness / The Shades Behind» (new version), «Thou Art Revenge», and «Abominations» (Morbid Angel cover). .. .. After a break of few months, due to personnal reasons and health problems, the band is working on new songs for recording at the 13th cave, the bands home-studio.

No hurries as usual, the aim is to get the best out of the new songs keeping the old-school Thrash/Death as brutal and intense as possible! Also the band decided to make this year the last for Sacred Sin as «active» live band. These will be their last shows, as tribute to the fans and friends, a last goodbye & thanks to all for the support! .



Formed by Correia and Lafaia in September 2007 We Are The Damned have been a hard working band since it´s inception, always making their path by releasing meaningful records in the extreme music scene, honest and brutal, the band will keep going along the trail…

“WE ARE THE DAMNED is a damn fine act coming straight from the gutter stinking up the night with their sludge-in-your-face metallic rocknroll, living you gasping for air after an hour of fist banging mania…go get this piece of dirty art”
Bjorn “Speed” Strid – Soilwork

“If you have a yearning for some groovy, punk and dirty heavy metalthen feast your excited lungs on this Portuguese posse. Delivering a brutal yet energetic pummeling from start to finish, this beast will delight fans of most genres. 8/10”
Rock Sound Magazine UK

We Are The Damned has the Mayhem factor, meaning that every note that they create is filled the right amount of rancid melodic terror that will put you in a state of spazzness. Damn, these tunes have awesome hooks and breakdowns buried on top of each other. I have a new mission, and that is to let the world know We Are The Damned are nothing to fuck with, and that you better fucking listen, because this band is on some next shit. Straight up – I want to see this band WIN!
Cvlt Nation



Os DMS nasceram em 2011 inicialmente como Dimensions onde desenvolveram os primeiros temas, nessa altura partem também para os palcos tugas onde espalham os seus primeiros momentos de estalada e metalada live…\m/
Por motivos pessoais dois membros abandonam a Família e a casa abanou…

E assim os DMS surgem novamente em FULL POWER com novo nome, Diabolical Mental State, formação renovada e ainda com mais vontade e convicção.

Formados por João Barbosa (Guitar), Fernado (voz) e Ricardo Neto (Baixo).Pedro Isaac Ribeiro entra a ocupar o lugar da guitarra ritmo/solo e logo depois entra o Rafael Santos(bateria) que veio por a máquina a bombar novamente com mestria atrás do kit.

Com a nova formação, seguiram se meses intensos de ensaio que culminaram na estreia no Incrível Almadense abrindo para Primal Attack e cuja critica foi extremamente favorável deixando no ar um buzz positivo em torno da banda.

Seguiram se depois concertos com bandas como Steal Your Crown, Switchtense, Revolution Within, Stonerust, Kapitalistas Podridão, Burn Damage, Wako, Nuklear Infection, For The Glory e mtas mais bandas de qualidade no panorama underground do metal/hardcore nacional.

Desde o dia 23 de Setembro, com muito esforço e dedicação Diabolical Mental State entrou nos Ultrasound Studios na Moita para gravar o seu primeiro EP.
Desde o dia 7 de Junho o Ep de estreia Basic Social Control tem rodado por todo o país…





HOURSWILL initiated their activity in the beginning of the 21st century by the hand of Nuno Peixoto on drums and José Bonito on guitars. A few years and some conversations about time availability later, vocalist Nuno Damião at last decided to join the project, and despite the search for more musicians, the line-up remained uncompleted. Even so, the trio decided to enter studio for some recording experiments. The line-up problem was just finally solved around 2009, first with the entrance of bassist Ruben Chamusca, and afterwards with the arrival of guitarist Rodrigo Louraço. With a stable formation, the band started to promote their work with the release of a promotional single called “Nothing divine MMIX”, with a demo attempt, and several live presentations. The year of 2013 marks the end of the recording sessions for their first album, and the departure of Rodrigo Louraço, followed by the entrance of guitarist Sérgio Melo. In 2014, after being signed by the independent Portuguese label Ethereal Sound Works, their debut record entitled “Inevitable” is released…