04 Mai 2017
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Omen ( Usa), visitam Portugal pela primeira vez.
Trazem na sua bagagem albuns como “Battle Cry” 1984 , “Warning of Danger” 1985,”The Curse” 1986,”Escape to Nowhere” 1988,”Reopening the Gates” 1997,”Eternal Black Dawn”2003 , e em 2016 lançaram “Hammer Damage”.
Seus membros : Kenny Powell (guitars) Andy Haas (bass) Kevin Goocher (vocals) Steve Wittig (drums).

Ironsword (Pt) – Banda liderada por Tann na guitarra e voz agora acompanhado por Jorge Martins no baixo e Joao Monteiro na bateria .
“Ironsword” 2002, “Return of the Warrior” 2004 , “Overlords of Chaos” 2008 , “None but the Brave” 2015 e já se encontram a gravar o novo album.

Dawnrider (Pt) – Os Dawnrider que antes liderada por F.J.Dias , tem um vocalista novo conta nas guitarras Hugo Conim e Marco Galrito
no baixo Filipe Relego , J.P.Ventura bateria e Diogo Simoes Teclas
“Alpha Chapter” 2007 , “Two” 2009 , “The Third Crusade” 2014.

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Power Metal
Membros da banda
Kenny Powell (guitars)
Andy Haas (bass)
Kevin Goocher (vocals)
Steve Wittig (drums)
Companhia discográfica
Power Metal band formed in Los Angeles, CA. By guitarist Kenny Powell.
Omen is best-known for melodic yet aggressive power metal/fantasy metal along the lines of King Diamond, Queensrÿche, Savatage, Manowar, and Helloween; Omen isVer Mais
Localização atual
Dallas, TX



  • Género
    Epic Heavy Power Metal
  • Membros da banda
    Tann – Guitars, Vocals / João Monteiro – Drums / Jorge Martins – Bass
  • Naturalidade
  • Companhia discográfica
    Shadow Kingdom Records
  • Breve descrição
    20 years of Underground Epic Heavy Metal
  • Biografia
    The band was formed in 1995 and slowly established all over the years a respected underground cult status and considered one Ver mais
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  • Género
    Doom Metal
  • Membros da banda
    F.J. DIAS – Vocals
    MARCO GALRITO – Guitar
    J.P VENTURA – Drums
    DIOGO SIMÕES – Keyboards

  • Companhia discográfica
    Raging Planet Records + Blood and Iron Records
  • Breve descrição
    Doom Metal band formed in 2004.
  • Descrição longa
    2004: Dawnrider is born. Founder members F.J. Dias, Hugo Conim and João Barrelas tema up with the first rhythm section (Victor Silver & Samuel Rebelo).
    2005: Blood & Iron releases their first record: a split EP with Maryland’s War Injun.
    2006: The band starts recording the first album. Samuel leaves and enters Carlos “Sven” Ferreira. The band opens shows for Orange Goblin and Ironsword.
    2007: Debut album “Alpha Chapter” is released by Raging Planet. André Silva replaces Victor.
    The band opens for Alabama Thunderpussy and Firebird. Barrelas leaves the band for a while.
    2008: The band plays the famed SWR-Barroselas Metalfest and features on the live DVD of Irmandade Metalica Fest.
    2009: Second full lenght album “Two” is released by Raging Planet. “Irinia” 3″ CD Single is released in a super limited edition of 100 copies by Universal Tongue which contains two rehearsal-demo covers of Diamond Head and Saint Vitus recorded in 2005. The band plays in a festival with Pagan Altar as the headliners.
    2010: Barrelas leaves again. Pedro Vieira and João Seixas replace Carlos and André. The band is going on with one guitar only and opens for Vicious Rumors in the end of the year. First official video clip (“Evil Deeds”) is released off the 2009 album.
    2011: A split 12″ Maxi Single with Apostle of Solitude is released by Blood & Iron/Metal Soldiers/Raging Planet labels. The band opens for Slough Feg. Pedro leaves and Barrelas rejoins now for the bass duty. In the end of the year their “official bootleg” live album is released by Raging Planet and Universal Tongue. It contains as bonus tracks one “alternate take” of the song of the Split 12″ and the two songs off the split 7″ with War Injun. Hugo Ramos replaces João Seixas.
    2012: The recordings for the third album start. The band opens shows for Valient Thorr and The Hookers.
    2013: The recordings continue and João Barrelas leaves definitely. Hugo Ramos leaves too for professional reasons and the band gets suddenly a six-piece line up completed by Pedro Santana on bass, J.P. Costa on keyboards, Ricardo Matias on the guitar and Nelson Rocha on Drums. All members participate in the new album adding solos, arrangements, etc. J.P.’s keyboards fill all the songs and give a new dynamic to the band sound. The mix and mastering process takes place this time slower and better than the previous albums. The band opens for the classic 80’s Heavy Metal band Xeque Mate. They also open again for Valient Thorr.
    A retrospective ultra limited edition VHS video is released by Universal Tongue.
    2014: The second official video clip “Cry of the Vampyre” is released. “The Third Crusade is released on CD by Raging Planet and At War with False Noise. The cassette version is released by Caverna Abismal. Raging Planet/Chaosphere/Hellxis release a split 7” with the U.S. band The Hookers with unreleased songs by both bands. The band opens for Night Demon from the U.S. Nelson leaves and enters J.P. Ventura.
    JP Costa and Ricardo Matias leave and are replaced by Marco Galrito and Diogo Simoes.
    The band opens shows for The Skull (Trouble members) in October and Trouble in November.
    2015: Picture Disc LP version of “The Third Crusade” is finally released in March. Different layout than the CD.

    -Dawnrider / War Injun Split 7″EP 2005
    -Alpha Chapter Full-length CD 2007
    -Irmandade Metalica – 1º Festival, Unidos pelo Metal V/A DVD 2008
    -Two Full-length CD 2009
    -Irinia 3″CD-EP 2009
    -Apostle of Solitude / Dawnrider Split 12″ 2011
    -Live 19.3.2010: Doom over Invicta Live album CD 2012
    -History: Nine Years of Doom over Lusitania VHS 2013
    -Serpent’s Guile / Tonight Was Made For Killing Split 7″ 2014
    -The Third Crusade Full-length CD/Cass 2014
    -The Third Crusade Full-lenght Picture Disc 2015

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