17 Jul 2015
Abertura de Portas: 21h00
Início: 21h30
Entrada: 12,00€

Formados em 1990 rapidamente se tornaram uma das bandas com selo de qualidade NYHC. Apesar do selo HARDCORE os Merauder foram das bandas que desde cedo alinharam em diversas tours com bandas de METAL de renome, caso dos Fear Factory ou mais tarde com os Entombed e isso garantiu-lhes uma legião de fans mais abrangente.
Albuns como MasterKiller ou Five Deadly Venoms antecedem o ultimo GOD IS I datado de 2009.
É com muito prazer que fazemos a sua estreia em Portugal acontecer. 25 anos depois, MERAUDER EM LISBOA!

A acompanhar a banda nesta tour, estão os já nossos conhecidos PROVIDENCE, vindos de França.

As bandas support nacionais são:
MORDAÇA, que nos apresentam o seu mais recente trabalho, “Sempre A Lutar”. LVHC em todos os sentidos.

DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE. Já dispensam qualquer tipo de apresentação estes nossos amigos. Concertos coesos e enérgicos é o que se pode esperar.

Os DIMENSION fazem a sua estreia em Lisboa. Projecto do Poli (Devil In Me / Sam Alone) com membros oriundos de diversas bandas nacionais com créditos firmados.

Entrada 12€ ou 15€ com oferta do CD de Dimension “Life is a Mystery”


  • Data de início
    Fundada a 1990
  • Género
    Metalcore, Metal, Hardcore
  • Membros da banda
    Jorge Rosado – Vocals
    Kevin Mahon – Bass
    Ernesto “Pito” Colon – Guitar
    Bobby Blood – Drums
  • Naturalidade
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Breve descrição
    “I’d rather die on my feet, than live life on my knees…”
  • Biografia
    If the music of New York City is any indication of what’s ingrained in the hearts of its people, Brooklyn’s own MERAUDER epitomizes the underbelly of inner-city America at its grittiest and most fearless. While rebellion-hungry suburbanites and wannabe gangstas fall victim to current trends and faux tough posturing, the true warrior spirit that is MERAUDER remains the genuine article after nearly two decades.Armed with a knuckle-dragging, heavy as shit, hardcore-meets-metal ferocity, MERAUDER’s sound has always reflected the band’s native Brooklyn upbringing and hard earned lessons in survival. Emerging from New York’s hardcore scene in 1990, MERAUDER released a pair of demos, gigged constantly with the likes of Sick of it All, Sheer Terror, Motorhead and Morbid Angel, and contributed a track to the now legendary 1992 hardcore compilation East Coast Assault. While the band claimed its turf in the NYC underground shortly after its formation, it wasn’t until 1995 and the recruitment of vocalist Jorge Rosado (Ragmen, Ill Nino) that MERAUDER’s threat came to lethal fruition.

    Shortly after the addition of Rosado, MERAUDER inked a deal with Century Media Records. With the release of the band’s first full length, 1996’s Master Killer, MERAUDER unleashed a defining moment in metalcore and set new standards for metal and hardcore bands that would follow in their wake. Like their predecessors the Cro-Mags, Carnivore and Leeway, MERAUDER possessed a street-born spirit that shattered the sonic barriers of traditional hardcore. By incorporating thug-infused beats and death metal grooves into the hardcore punk battle cry, MERAUDER solidified itself as a menacing force and locked down one of the most terrorizing musical backdrops to urban blight ever recorded.

    In the years following the success of Master Killer, the band scored an opening slot on Fear Factory’s ’96 US tour and in 1998 headed to Europe with Bohse Onkelz. 1999 and 2003 saw the release of Five Deadly Venoms and Bluetality, respectively, both of which continued in the revolutionary style of the band’s debut. Despite this seemingly unstoppable momentum, MERAUDER would soon endure numerous lineup changes, label woes, and the death of original guitarist Javier “SOB” Carpio (RIP) in 2006. The future for MERAUDER had been put on hold indefinitely.

    Enter 2008. Driven by a manifest urgency to perpetuate the natural evolution of what was started nearly 20 earlier, Rosado resurrected MERAUDER with fresh blood and renewed fervor, assembling the most cohesive lineup since the band’s inception. While embarking on tours throughout Europe and Japan alongside metal giants Obituary and Exodus, MERAUDER caught the attention of current manager, Obituary’s Frank Watkins, and later, renowned extreme metal label Regain Records. The undeniable chemistry between Drew Smerdon (Bass), Dave Stafford (Guitar), Darian Polach (Guitar), Bobby Blood (Drums, ex-First Blood, Crematorium) and Rosado proved to be a fertile union for birthing an unholy beast of a record as only MERAUDER can: God Is I.

    The most focused recording since Master Killer, God is I (June 2009) finds MERAUDER in perfect form. Melding the band’s roots with a modern bite, the intent becomes immediately clear within seconds of the album’s suckerpunch opening riff; “Until” hones in on its listener and the chase begins. Runaway freight train grooves, mid-paced stomps, seething gang vocals and death metal drenched riffs all find themselves vying for supremacy amidst their patented NYHC delivery. From the punishing hooks and wailing solo on “Built on Blood” (featuring guest vocals by fellow Brooklyn Bastard Mike Scondotto of Inhuman) to the eviscerating Latin tongue of “Ahora,” the powerhouse vocals of Rosado single-handedly carry and crown the massive weight of MERAUDER’s latest.

    Beaten up but never beaten down, God is I pushes MERAUDER to the forefront of modern metal alongside heavyweights Lamb of God, Hatebreed and Shadows Fall. A true testament to the “never say die” New York City sensibility, God is I carves a new path for MERAUDER in 2009, demanding redemption once and for all for metalcore’s unsung pioneers.

    The one line summary: More metal than core, these pioneers raise their genres bar on brutality.

    Yeah I know…NYHC…metalcore, all names you’ve heard to describe Merauder and blah-blah not your thing, but seriously, just shut up and listen to this album closely. There is more metal on “God Is I” than on many “metal” bands albums this past year! (You can fill in your own blanks, I get myself in enough trouble) Merauder, like all ____core suffers the same dilemma of not much room to roam, but the band do create what is the best balance of metal and hardcore in recent memory. Merauder nod to their influences of metal and hardcore days gone by and say “I’ll take it from here”. They’re not asking.

    I didn’t get the cover of ‘See You In Hell’ with my copy but I can assure you track by track, it’s all worth listening too. Opener ‘Until’ let’s you know right off you’re in for a furious fusion of metal and hardcore, and providing a chant worthy chorus of “Crush, Your Enemies!”. ‘Built on Blood’ is a great example of what Merauder are all about these days, ‘Gangsta’ is catchy as hell, and ‘Ahora’ which is in Spanish so I can’t tell you shit about it other than that (Is that Castro in there?). The whole album is loaded with strong musicianship, focused songwriting, lyrics grounded in reality that everyday mere mortals can relate to, and a serious sense of purpose. The funny thing is, I have little in common with the hardcore crowd in most any way, but the things hardcore and metal have always shared is rage and a fuck you attitude. This bond has never been more evident than it is on “God Is I”, the album says “I’m gonna kick your ass and you’ll like it….bitch”. Merauder have things in common with their peers, but they aren’t trying to be like their peers, instead they focus on fully representing who they are, where they came from, and why you’d better get out of their way. All without any regard as to whether anyone likes them or not.

    Guitar solos, real ones, with bite to them…didn’t expect me to say that about this album did you? Well guess what, they’re good! The guitar playing in general by Darian, Dave and and bassist Drew helps keep things interesting throughout and prevents it from feeling like just another hardcore album. Same with the drumming, where Bobby adds some amperage by leaning heavier into metal than I’ve ever heard him play before. The production providing added punch. Of course, Jorge Rosado (ex-Ill Niño) gives us his rancorous roar that goes from hardcore to guttural in range, and he sounds fuckin’ pissed. Despite line up changes (and losses), “label woes”, and other problems, Jorge has steered the beasts from Brooklyn to what is honestly one of the hardest hitting and most highly rated – but poorly promoted – albums of 2009. “God Is I” does what this music is supposed to do, it makes you want to fuck shit up. Period. Merauder have been around, and have influenced a great number of bands themselves, now a whole new generation are discovering them and the band can take credit for giving new life to a genre that really, really needed it.

    Get some.



Membros da banda
TonR • Simon G • xOx • PsychoDams • Ghoul Axe •
filthy Paris
Companhia discográfica
EULOGY RECORDS (USA) • RUCKTION Records (UK) • ON THE ATTACK Records (USA) • KNIVES OUT Records (Fr) • SEVEN EIGHT LIFE Records (Br) • RATEL Records (Pl)
Breve descrição
Booking :
FR : •
World : •
Formed in 2005, PROVIDENCE come from the depths of filthy PARIS and play dark and brutal hardcore, full of crushing breakdowns. Since their beginning the band sought to innovate rather than imitate, intending to create a combination of social/political awareness and aggression. Feeling that hardcore had strayed from its roots and DIY ethic into subgenres like emo and chaotic metal, a good, basic, heavy sound is their aim.
Providence’s style is huge, metallic and epic, yet manages to be efficient and straight up at the same time. A low and thick dual guitar sound is underpinned by intense double-bass drumming, mostly switching between mid-tempo and punishing breakdowns but occasionally breaking into full-on bursts of hardcore speed. The hoarse-growled vocals that complete this already potent formula are complimented by monstrous gang backups, spitting out venom on a variety of topics including politics, economy and the craziness of the world, yet maintaining a poetic turn of phrase.
PROVIDENCE ’s violent and energetic live shows, to-the-point music and thought provoking, bleak, reflective lyrics never fail to impress live audiences. With the quintet always eager to hit the road, their fanbase is constantly expanding outside of their city and country, forging a blazing path of hardcore force and brutality that France hasn’t produced in quite some time.
PROVIDENCE have shared spots in France, USA, Asia, Brasil, Russia, Scandinavia and across Europe with such notable heavyweights as Cro-Mags, Strife, Agnostic Front, Shattered Realm, Madball, Terror, Cruel Hand, Nueva Etica, Vision Of Disorder, Born From Pain, Bulldoze, E-Town Concrete, 25 Ta Life among others.

• Hellfest 2009, US tour 2009 with CDC
• 1 month US summer tour 2010 with California ‘s THROUGH THIS DEFIANCE
• Brasil tour 2011 with NORTE CARTEL
• Scandinavia 2 parts tour 2012 : Estonia, Finlande, Sweden, Denmark
• Asia tour 2013 (South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan)
• Russia weekend tour 2013
• Canada tour 2013 on the way
• Japan tour 2014



Os DMS nasceram em 2011 inicialmente como Dimensions onde desenvolveram os primeiros temas, nessa altura partem também para os palcos tugas onde espalham os seus primeiros momentos de estalada e metalada live…\m/
Por motivos pessoais dois membros abandonam a Família e a casa abanou…

E assim os DMS surgem novamente em FULL POWER com novo nome, Diabolical Mental State, formação renovada e ainda com mais vontade e convicção.

Formados por João Barbosa (Guitar), Fernado (voz) e Ricardo Neto (Baixo).Pedro Isaac Ribeiro entra a ocupar o lugar da guitarra ritmo/solo e logo depois entra o Rafael Santos(bateria) que veio por a máquina a bombar novamente com mestria atrás do kit.

Com a nova formação, seguiram se meses intensos de ensaio que culminaram na estreia no Incrível Almadense abrindo para Primal Attack e cuja critica foi extremamente favorável deixando no ar um buzz positivo em torno da banda.

Seguiram se depois concertos com bandas como Steal Your Crown, Switchtense, Revolution Within, Stonerust, Kapitalistas Podridão, Burn Damage, Wako, Nuklear Infection, For The Glory e mtas mais bandas de qualidade no panorama underground do metal/hardcore nacional.

Desde o dia 23 de Setembro, com muito esforço e dedicação Diabolical Mental State entrou nos Ultrasound Studios na Moita para gravar o seu primeiro EP.
Desde o dia 7 de Junho o Ep de estreia Basic Social Control tem rodado por todo o país…





  • Género
    Punk Hardcore
  • Membros da banda
    Pina – Guitarra
    João Bruno – Guitarra
    Jonny Lavagantes – Baixo
    Mike – Bateria
    Foito – Voz
  • Naturalidade
    Linda-a-Velha – LISBOA
  • Companhia discográfica
    HellXis Records
  • Breve descrição
  • Biografia
    Os Mordaça nasceram em finais de 2005. Os culpados disto são pessoas que já participaram noutros projectos: F8 [Foito] – (Revolta, 605 Forte), Pimentel – (Colisão Frontal), Jony [João] – (Antisistema, Colisão Frontal), Ricardo [Mike]- (Antisistema). O primeiro contacto dos Mordaça com um palco foi com os Trinta-&-Um, banda hardcore de Linda-a-Velha de grande nome nacional. Assim começou a viagem.

    Em 2007, surgiram algumas alterações assim como obstáculos e oportunidades. Com a saída do Pimentel, era necessário alguém com garra, presença e espírito. Assim, apareceu o Pina [Nuno] (ex-Kneeldown) que se tem revelado a aposta certa, assim como o Deris [João Duarte] (Cold as Blood, Colisão Frontal). Este elemento veio fechar o círculo “amordaçado”.

    Passou-se o ano de 2008 que foi de longe o nosso melhor ano até à data. Não só pelos concertos marcantes com bandas internacionais como Monsieur PO, The Exploited e Ratos do Porão, como também com bandas nacionais como os Grankapo, Devil in Me, Subcaos, Last Hope, Barafunda Total, Dr. Bifes e os Psicopratas, entre muitas outras. O ano 2008 fica também marcado pela gravação do nosso albúm de estreia. Albúm este que só teria o seu nascimento oficial a Sexta-feira 13 de Março de 2009, pela mão da Hell Xis Records (obrigadão!).

    2009 teve um arranque bastante positivo, não só pelo lançamento do álbum, mas também porque foi neste ano que nos estreamos a tocar fora de Lisboa com Keep Walking, The Highest Cost e A Thousand Words. 2010 foi ano agitado e de mudanças para os Mordaça, sendo a mais marcante a saída do Deris. Após uma procura e uma escolha, entrou para a família amordaçada o Metralha (ex-31, Capitão Fantasma), um músico experiente e um amigo excelente e de longa data. Em 2010 o norte do país teve finalmente a presença dos Mordaça num palco, no Metalpoint (Porto).

    Caímos para o chão, levantamo-nos outra vez.