17 Mai 2015
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Melechesh, a mítica banda de black metal originada nas ruínas de Jerusalém está de regresso a Portugal com Keep Of Kalessin, Tribulation e Embryo para duas datas, sendo a primeira no Porto, no Hard Club, a 16 de Maio, e a segunda em Lisboa, no RCA Club, dia 17.
Depois de um nascimento atribulado em Jerusalém, tendo sido acusados pelas autoridades locais de “Actividades de culto negro”, Melechesh cedo se assumiram no panorama da música extrema enquanto uma das bandas mais originais do género, mesclando com precisão de alquimista influências orientais de génese assíria que lhes valeram o carimbo de “Mesopotamian black metal”. Banda prolífera, contam na sua discografia com álbuns como “Sphynx” ou “The Epigenesis”, e regressam agora a Portugal para apresentar o seu novo disco “Enki”.
A abertura está a cargo de Keep of Kalessin, membros da vanguarda da segunda vaga de black metal norueguês com um estilo bem peculiar, ao qual foram nos últimos lançamentos incorporando elementos mais melódicos que culminaram no lançamento de “Epistemology” em 2015; Tribulation, os suecos que nos apanharam de surpresa com o lançamento de “The Horror”, considerado por muitos um dos melhores discos de death metal da década passada, e que continuam a marchar sem medo por esses palcos fora, desta feita com o trunfo de “The Children of The Night” na manga; os italianos Embryo, banda de death metal melódico com novo álbum na bagagem e ainda uma banda convidada, por anunciar.


Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal/ Mesopotamian Metal
Membros da banda
Ashmedi – vocals / guitar
Scorpios- bass/backing vocals
Moloch- guitar
Lord Curse – drums
Live : Nomadic souls – drums and second guitar
Jerusalem and Germany – but specifically Planet Earth and Nebiru
Companhia discográfica
Nuclear Blast Records

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Breve descrição
January 2006 Melechesh entered Woodhouse studios in Germany (a.o. Grip inc. Samael, Therion, Moonspell…) for 4 weeks to record their 4th album entitled ‘Emissaries’. many people around the band believe this album to be the best Melechesh album to date. February 2006 the band mixed the album for the First time and it was obvious the man hired to do the job was not a suitable choice at all ( to say the least), the album was mixed for the second time During the months of May and June. Emissaries was Mastered in July and will be released on 30 october 2006 (European/world date)/ tentative North American release date is set at Januray 23, 2007.

2005 The band were heavily involved in song writing and preperations for their new album. Xul became the new drummer for Melechesh after proving his excellent drumming abilities on the live arena

June 2004 a limited collector’s 10″ vinyl EP entitled ‘The Ziggurat Scrolls’ was released

January 2004 Sphynx gets an official release in North America and Central America thru an exclusive license to The End Records, alter that year the band focused on more live events Europe, Canada etc..

May 2003 worldwide release of the new album Sphynx – Tremendous and outstanding Media and public response. Sphynx is considered by the majority of the Metal media and fans as one of the top 10 metal releases for the year 2003

December 2002 Melechesh recorded their third opus entitled (Sphynx) at Los Angered Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Engineered by Andy Larocque (Guitarist of King Diamond). The Cover Art for the latest release Sphynx will be done by Ron Woodall (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor etc.) in San Francisco at George Lucas Industrial Light and Magic

2001 Melechesh’s second full-length album Djinn was released (Osmose Productions) Clip filmed in the Netherlands to support the release. (The clip was broadcasted in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, USA, Finland, Sweden and Bulgaria. It was also streamed through many Internet clip shows/services.

2000 All members met in the Netherlands to record their sophomore album DJINN in Harrow Studios. Osmose productions signs Melechesh for Three albums

1999 the Texan drummer Proscriptor of the band Absu joins Melechesh

1998 a promo CD was recorded introducing the pioneering new style of extreme Metal, That same year the band relocated to the Netherlands and France

1997 Melechesh performed several concerts in Holy land and a documentary was filmed on the band, which was broadcasted several times due to high ratings!

1996 Melechesh released a 7EP single entitled The Siege Of Lachish through the German label Membrum Propaganda. That same year the band was signed to the American independent label Breath of Night Records, which released their debut album together with Pulverizer Records (USA)

1995 debut demo As Jerusalem Burns was released which received overwhelming responseMelechesh run into legal complications due to Alleged Dark Cult activities in the Holy Cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The authorities wrongfully wanted Melechesh members! A few years later all was cleared.

1994 Lineup stabilized, started underground activities worldwide

1993 Melechesh was formed in Jerusalem! With the intention to create Raw Black Metal with Mediterranean Touches (Drum patters and guitar Scales)
Localização atual
Planet Earth



Epic Extreme Metal
Membros da banda
Obsidian C. – Vocals, Guitars, Compositions.

Wizziac – Bass, Backing Vocals.

Vyl – Drums.
Companhia discográfica
Indie / Nuclear Blast

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Keep Of Kalessin was formed in 1995 and has throughout the years only released 4 studio albums and 1 EP due to personal disputes and a very bumpy road for founder and songwriter Obsidian C.

But with the release of “Armada” in 2006 the band took the much deserved step into the ranks of the top metal bands from Norway.

With top reviews in all metal media worldwide, nominations in Spellemannsprisen and Alarm awards, 4 european tours and many festivals only in the last two years, the band has built a good reputation for their unique epic extreme metal in the metal community around the globe.

The album “Kolossus” was released in May 2008 and the band was touring extensively for a couple of years including support for Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth on their US tour in 2008.

In 2010 the band again broke new ground when they participated in Melodi Grand Prix, the national edition of the Eurovision song contest. The band shocked everyone when they won the first regional final and reached as far as 3rd place in the national final. With this participation the band reached far outside of the metal community being A-listed on norwegian radio and being talked about constantly in the mainstream press.

In May 2010 their latest offering “Reptilian” was released to standing ovasions from all metal media. The album went straight into number 2 on the norwegian charts and was also doing well in both Europe and US. This also resulted in extensive touring reaching around 200 shows in support of the album in both North America and Europe. The band also did their first South American show in front of 800 crazy fans.

Currently the band has decided to calm down on the touring, but are already working on a new album which will be released in October 2012.



Membros da banda
Johannes Andersson
Adam Zaars
Jonathan Hultén
Jakob Ljungberg
Companhia discográfica
Century Media Records
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The Return of the Vampyre!
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Death Metal
Membros da banda
Roberto Pasolini – Vocals
Eugenio Sambasile- Guitars
Nicola Iazzi – Bass
Simone Solla – Keyboards
Enea Passarella – Drums
Francesco Paoli – Session Drums on “Embryo” album
Companhia discográfica
Breve descrição
The third and self-titled album from death metal band Embryo will be released on February 10th, 2015.
After a couple of self-produced works and a first album (‘Chaotic Age’ – Officina Rock) Embryo found its sound and went to Fear Studio to record its second cd ‘No God Slave’ (Rising Records – 2010) with producer Simone Mularoni. Salvatore Perrone directed 2 videos for the tracks “No God Slave” and “Flatterer Of Indifference”. This album has also received very good reviews (8/10, 10/10, 6/7….) and led the band to play new gigs in Switzerland, Germany and Italy and be part of Kung Fu Factory’s Supremacy MMA videogame soundtrack with 2 songs. After ‘No God Slave’ the guitar player Uge had the honor to become Peavey endorser. In 2014 Embryo records a promo at Atomic Stuff Studio with Oscar Burato and signs a promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion. In May the band will record the new cd in Domination Studio with Simone Mularoni. The be(a)st is yet to come!


Roberto, vocals
Uge, guitars
Nicola, bass
Simone, keyboards
Franceso, Drums