18 Mar 2016
Abertura de Portas: 21h30
Início: 22h00
Entrada: 15,00€

«Metropolis Club & Triparte apresentam:»

HOCICO (Mex) ao vivo no RCA CLUB – LISBOA
[ 1º parte – 1NC1D3N7 (Pt) ]
A banda harsh elektro Mexicana de culto volta a Portugal, desta vez com estreia em Lisboa para apresentar o novo disco, Ofensor.
Dia: 18 de Março
Local: RCA CLUB – Lisboa
Abertura de Portas: 21:30
Preço: 15 Hocicones (pré- venda) 18 Hocicones (dia)
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  • Data de início
    Começou a 1994
  • Género
    : Harshelectro – Aggrotech – Darkelectro
  • Membros da banda
    Erk Aicrag – lyrics & vocals
    Racso Agroyam – programming & Music
  • Companhia discográfica
    Out of Line
  • Breve descrição
    HOCICO FACEBOOK PAGE – Aggrotech, Harsh & Dark Electro from Mexico City
  • Descrição longa
    Los Hijos del Infierno are here!
    Bite Fight or Die.
  • Biografia
    The Mexican Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Racso Agroyam (programming) two angry survivors of the physical and mental violence rising daily on the streets of Mexico City, founded the electro band “Hocico”in 1993.

    A spider with six legs, which has a H on its back, is the symbol of the both cousins who share their musical experiences
    and interests fromtheir childhood. With a Yamaha keyboard Racso began at the age of 15 to experiment.

    The correct pronunciation of the name is: “Osziko”. That means mouth or jaws. “Hocico” is a pretty aggressive word.

    In Mexico it has an offending affect, it’s a swearword, like a kind of attack.

    “We won’t change something or someone. The people should find out alone. We only want to show our personal point of view.
    If they agree, good, if not, it’s good too. It’s better if people think about that themselves.” HOCICO

  • Outras contas
    • hocico h(YouTube)
    • hocico-official(SoundCloud)
    • ocicoh(Twitter)
    • ocicoh(Instagram)
  • Agente
    FOR SHOWS IN EUROPE: Björn Kettner bjoern@outofline.de


    FOR SHOWS IN AMERICA (CONTINENT): booking@hocico.com



  • Data de início
    Começou a 2008
  • Género
  • Membros da banda
    David Lopes
  • Naturalidade
    Lisbon, Portugal
  • Companhia discográfica
    MoonSlave Radio, LLC
  • Breve descrição
    generic power-noise and industrial techno with some glitch highlights and psytrance influences
  • Descrição longa
    1N.C1.D3.N7 is David Lopes from Portugal. With one track featured in the compilation “This is Industrial[PT]” and a few others available on last.fm and Myspace, the style can be described as something in between generic power-noise and industrial techno with some glitch highlights and psytrance influences. 1N.C1.D3.N7 has performed live at several events such as Synth-Etics, Lock the Target Festival, STFU Porto 2009, Metropolis Club 1st Anniversary and Elektrocution:Resurrection. In 2011, David Lopes signed with MoonSlave Radio and released his first album “Primer” on November 30, 2011. The album received positive review from Side-Line Magazine and was receivd well in the clubs. The album include remixes from TERRORFAKT, Mindswerve SMack!, and nlinear
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