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Epic Folk Metal
Membros da banda
Ruben Almeida – Vocals
Daniel César – Keyboards
Miguel Kaveirinha – Lead Guitar
João Paulo – Rytmn Guitar
Bruno Henriques – Bass
Luis Abreu – Drums
Epic/Folk Metal since 1995 !
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Gwydion’s journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends that shared the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture. During these first stages of the band, three demos were presented to the Portuguese metal scene and dozens of gigs were performed throughout Portugal.

In 2007, Gwydion prepared to record their first full-length album “Ynys Mön”. Their originality and effort triggered the interest of the German label TROLLZORN, which offered a contract to release the album. With Ynys Mön, Gwydion finally started to draw some international attention and ultimately received an invitation to make an European tour in October 2008 with top bands TYR, HOLLENTHON, ALESTORM, and SVARTSOT: the RAGNAROK AASKEREIA’S TOUR.

During 2009, Gwydion played in nearly all major metal Portuguese metal festivals, delivering a distinct sound and attitude, and received continuously great feedback. At the end of the year, Gwydion finished the recordings and production of their second album “Horn Triskelion”. “Horn Triskelion” truly represented fifteen years of accumulated experience and ideas. The readers of Portugal’s biggest metal magazine LOUD magazine have chosen GWYDION to be the 2nd best band over 2010 + their album “Horn Triskelion” was considered the 3rd best album of 2010!

Now, in 2013, Gwydion presents “VETERAN”. Fans will experience a slightly different musical-style, as the music is much more epic and “metal” than folk compared to the previous release. Since the beginning of the band, they had a very influential epic component in their songs, so naturally when they created “VETERAN”, they decided to have a strong mixture of heavy metal riffs and epic/folk songs. “VETERAN” is a story of a warrior since his birth through his training, conquests and defeats with relevance to the History of Portugal.

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Epic, Death , Black , Viking , Folk
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Fundada – 1 de Maio de 1999
Death Metal
Membros da banda
João – Guitar
Sérgio – Vocals
Samuel – Guitar
Diogo – Bass
Juca – Drums
Emerging from the deep underground, Bleeding Display are born in 1999 under the name of Nekruma. The difficulties in having a permanent cast soon become evident, forcing the band to stay for a long period of time without a guitar and bass player.

In the year 2000 finally assume the current name, and the second half of next year stabilized the alignment (though ephemeral), with Sérgio Afonso on vocals, João Ferreira and Sid on guitars, AG on bass and Juca in the drums, which enables them to do some shows and record the demo CD “Bleeding Promotion” (witch songs were also later included in the four way split CD “War and Death”, with Cranial Incisored, Diabolical Messiah and Unfleshed).

The songs, intense and elaborate, rely on the death/grind structures of the U.S style, showing a group of musician’s technically gifted and high potential. However, 2002 marks the abandonment of Sid and A.G choosing the band only one guitar player (João). Alex take care of the four strings. Then, held a wide range of live shows shared with established names like Sacred Sin, Goldenpyre, Ransack, Grog, Necrose, Agonized and Devileech. First time out doors, in September 2003 in Spain (Pontevedra and Vigo), with The Howling and Brazilians Antidemon.

Since then, participating in numerous festivals in Portugal, as the Steel Warriors Rebellion – Barroselas Metalfest (2004, 2007, most recently as part of the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the event), Algarve em Chamas, Butchery at Christmas Time, Clash of Extremes and, for two times, at Caos Emergente, consolidating the group’s position in the portuguese Underground. Also note the date of participation in Gutting Europe Tour in Lotus Bar managed by North American label Unique Leader Rec., side by side with Mortal Decay, Beheaded and Brutus. Bleeding Display rise an excellent live act reputation, becoming one of the most promising national bands in they’re genre.

In April 2005 start the recordings of their debut album, “Way to End”, released exactly a year later by the U.S. label Severed Records and Butchered Records. Following this release more doors opened for several concerts and festivals this time next to Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Grave and Krisiun, among many others. The first time in London sold out, is also a milestone in the career of the band that at this stage, grown to over 50 shows to date.

In early 2008 guitar player Mário Figueira reinforces the suffocating wall of sound of Bleeding Display, and in the summer, the long-time teammate Alex gives the bass to Samuel Veiga. The writing process for the new album has started and it is expected that the recordings still occur in 2010. The themes already written indicate the fastest, technical and brutal ever created by the band, without prejudice to the groove that characterizes his music. Let the bleeding begin!


— thank you Dico for your time writing our biography! —
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Lisbon – Portugal