18 Nov 2017
Abertura de Portas: 20h30
Início: 21h00
Entrada: 20,00€

Os FREEDOM CALL vêm a Lisboa pela 1ª vez e para apresentarem o novo álbum MASTER OF LIGHT ,a acompanhá-los estarão os MINDFEEDER e os LEATHER SYNN numa noite de power/heavy metal que promete ser épica!!!
Bilhetes em venda antecipada 20 Eur e no dia 23Eur.
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Happy Metal
Membros da banda
Chris Bay – Vocals, Guitar
Lars Rettkowitz – Guitar, Backing vocals
Ilker Ersin – Bass, Backing vocals
Ramy Ali – Drums, Backing Vocals
Nürnberg, Germany
Companhia discográfica
Happy Metal Band from Nürnberg/Germany – Official Facebook Page
Freedom Call
Chris Bay
90110 Nürnberg

1999 – Stairway to Fairyland
2000 – Taragon (EP)
2001 – Crystal Empire
2002 – Eternity
2004 – Live Invasion
2005 – Circle of Life
2007 – Dimensions
2010 – Legend of the Shadowking
2011 – Live in Hellvetia (CD & DVD)
2012 – Land of the Crimson Dawn
2013 – Ages of Light
2014 – Beyond
2015 – 666 Weeks beyond Eternity
2016 – Master of Light
Localização atual
Nürnberg / Germany
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MINDFEEDER is a Heavy Power Metal band from Portugal.
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Mindfeeder are a Portuguese Heavy Power Metal band influenced by the Power Metal from the 90’s and 00’s but with a 21st Century approach and a warmth southern feeling presence in their songs.

The Band was born in 2003 as Inertia, but then changed to Mindfeeder when they recorded their first demo “Rise from the flames” in the beginning of 2004.
The song “The Traveler of Minds” taken from “Rise from the Flames” gave the band a 7th place in the 2005 Heavy Metal Eurovision Contest voted by Internauts.

“The Traveler of Minds” it’s also the hymn to the Portuguese wrestling association that still nowadays plays whenever there’s a competition or a site highlight.

In June 2006, Mindfeeder released the EP “Mind Revolution”, produced by well-known Portuguese producer Nuno A. de Loureiro and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finland’s Finnvox Studios.

The track “Tear These Walls” taken from the EP would be selected to be on “Circulo de Fogo I Ataque” Metal compilation and remains as a crowd favorite.
The EP would be very much acclaimed by Portuguese and international reviewers and the band would tour extensively (50 gigs and Festivals) until 2008.

In the years 2008 and 2009 Mindfeeder are voted in the top 3 unsigned Portuguese Metal bands by the most famous Portuguese metal magazine LOUD!

In 2012 the band started the recording of the first album at Mindfeeder’s Soundfeeder Studios.
The Album was engineered and edited by Mindfeeder’s Keyboard player Ricardo Martins and mixed, Mastered and co-produced by Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) at Powerhouse studios in Hamburg.

The debut album “Endless Storm” has the special collaboration of Mr. Sielck on Vocals and Solo Guitars and also Portuguese Metal Stars Hugo Soares (Iberia, Artworx, Ethereal), Artur Almeida (Attick Demons), Paulo Gonçalves (Shadowsphere) and Célia Ramos on occasional lead and Chorus vocals.

The first album “Endless Storm” was released worldwide on 13rd January 2014 by Canadian Label Metalodic Records.

Leo: Vocals
Nuno: Guitars
Piri: Guitars
Ricardo Martins: Keyboards
Henrique Sobral: Drums
Sergio Themudo: Bass Guitar



  • Data de início

    Fundada a 2011

  • Género


  • Membros da banda

    Sanchez Cano – Vocals
  • Alcides Pinto – Guitars
  • Manimal Faria – Bass
  • Fábio Santos – Guitars
  • Victor Silver – Drums

  • Naturalidade


  • Companhia discográfica

    Non Nobis Prod.

  • Breve descrição

    Leather Synn is an Heavy Metal band founded in 2011. The band belongs to a movement which can be called as the New Wave Of Portuguese Heavy Metal.

  • Biografia

    Leather Synn is an Heavy Metal band founded in 2011. The band belongs to a movement which can be called as the New Wave Of Portuguese Heavy Metal. The band name was inspired in a project Xico Steele had in 2009 with Hugo called simply Leather. The line-up failed and Xico started an ideia for a new band with Zé Rockhard adding also Hugo, which led to a new name and full commitment of all the band members. So after Leather disbanded in 2010 with just two songs written, Leather Synn started slowly through 2011 until the line-up finally completed in 2012. Leather Synn is a band with the full package: music, image and energetic stage show. Taking influences from many of the mid-80’s U.S. traditional Metal acts, they also have their local inspiration in 80’s Portuguese Heavy Metal bands of their arcane underground. Leather Synn has a few Heavy Metal Knights from distinct local bands such as Dawnrider, Ravensire and Inquisitor. Leather Synn are comitted to the Heavy Metal purity…join the battle, it’s time to fight! Synn is Ynn!!

  • Influências

    U.S. Steele. Also Portuguese Steele, NWOBHM & 80’s U.S. Hard Rock.

  • Interesses da banda

    Steel, chains, leather, synn, gladiators, barbarians, freedom, alcohol, Metal, Metal & Metal!

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