DR LIVING DEAD (Warm-up Moita Metal Fest)


11 Nov 2016
Abertura de Portas: 22h00
Início: 22h00
Cons. Min.: 10,00€


Começou a 2007

Thrash Metal

DRxMANIA – Vocals
DRxTOXIC – Guitars
DRxRAD – Bass
DRxSLAM – Drums

Companhia discográfica
Century Media Records

Starting out in ’07 DR. LIVING DEAD! turned into skull-mask and bandana wearing thrash monsters over the course of two demos – “Thrash After Death” (2007), “Thrashing The Law” (2008) – and the much-lauded albums “Dr. Living Dead!” (2011) and “Radioactive Intervention” (2012). The latter even scored album of the month in Germany’s Metal Hammer and though thrash is a genre crowded with new acts, the Doc’s approach and especially visual impact quickly made them one of the most celebrated newer acts within the genre.

While looking like the undead version of Suicidal Tendencies and new singer Dr. Mania’s melodic vocals resembling Mike Muir as well, the “Big Four” are probably to blame for the Doc’s musical fundament of diverse riffs, smart guitar leads and highly dynamic arrangements. Add to that, lyrical and conceptual references to 80’s horror/sci-fi flicks, the Doc are in fact a perfect vintage skateboarding soundtrack and find massive support also beyond genre freaks. Always working by the sonic formula that aggression does not need to rule out melody or surprising instrumental twists and turns, except for ballads, “Crush The Sublime Gods”, DR. LIVING DEAD!’s debut for Century Media Records offers a wide array of mid-tempo stompers (“Another Life”, “Force Fed”), slayerized fast tracks (“Civilized To Death”, “Scanners”) grooving, melodic numbers (“No Way Out”) and mounts in the 6min long closing epos “Wake Up…Join The Dead” that unites all elements of their multi-faceted sound.

Recorded at Soundlab Studios in Örebro, Sweden in September 2014 and featuring former vocalist Dr. Ape’s trademark artwork, the band is confidently promising its finest hour to date: “On the first albums we were still somewhat searching; the new album has a more refined sense of direction and shows a definitive style for the Doc. The songwriting has been collaborative and our new members Mania and Slam gel perfectly with Toxic’s and Rad’s patented riff-fests. The new album was inspired by all of our experiences together during the last two years and it definitely pays off.”

Renowned as an energetic live band, DR. LIVING DEAD! already wreaked havoc upon festivals like Wacken, Hellfest, Tuska, Summer Breeze, Brutal Assault, Rock Hard etc., supported Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer in Sweden, toured Brazil and left audiences sweaty, happy and overwhelmed by a sudden love of skulls. Confirmed to conquer Europe with Suicidal Angels and label-mates Angelus Apatrida in February/March 2015, DR. LIVING DEAD! are again perfectly set up to present their new album to the masses. DR. LIVING DEAD! comment: “All members bring their A-game on “Crush The Sublime Gods” and can’t wait to get the fuck out on the road and tear it up!!!”

So, thrashers worldwide, get ready, the Doc is back in town, so you’d better mosh around!



  • Género

    Metal / Thrash / Hardcore

  • Membros da banda

    Hugo – Vocals
  • Karia – Bass
  • Neto – Guitar
  • Pardal – Guitar
  • Antonio – Drums

  • Naturalidade


  • Companhia discográfica

    Rastilho Records

  • Breve descrição








  • Data de lançamento

    14 de agosto de 2012

  • Género

    Thrash Metal

  • Membros da banda

    Luis Brotas – Vocal /
  • Gonçalo Vidigal – Guitarra Solo /
  • Miguel Almeida – Guitarra /
  • Rui Sousa – Bateria /
  • Damien Nunes – Baixo

  • Naturalidade

    Redondo (Évora) \m/

  • Breve descrição

    Banda Alentejana de Fucking Old School Thrash Metal 😉 Contactos : 963621408, nesta mesma página ou então em mindtaker_band@hotmail.com \m/

  • Localização atual

    Redondo (Évora)

  • Interesses da banda

    Proporcionar aos amantes do Metal nomeadamente o Thrash Metal bons momentos de loucura 😉 , tocar ao vivo e dar a conhecer a nossa originalidade.

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