03 Mar 2018
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Celebrando os 2000 gostos da nossa página é com orgulho que a Rocha Produções anuncia o regresso dos lendários PESTILENCE a Portugal para o DEATHMANIA 3 a realizar no RCA CLUB dia 3 Março !!! A banda interpretará um set old school virado para os 3 primeiros álbuns!!!
Os bilhetes custarão antecipadamente 20 eur e no dia 25 eur.
Dutch Death Metal legends Pestilence (official) have announced a full European headline tour for January/February called “Fight The Plague”! Pestilence will play a special old school set with songs from the first 4 classic albums “Malleus Maleficarum”, “Consuming Impulse”, “Testimony Of The Ancients” and “Spheres”.
BILHETE EM VENDA ANT- 20 eur Dia 25 Eur
Bilhetes por transferência bancária / payment with bank transfer: Conta Santander 0018 0003 32023830020 89 (trazer comprovativo na data do festival


oldskool progressive deathfusion 😉
Membros da banda
Patrick Mameli – Leadguitar/Vocals
Santiago Dobles– Lead guitar
Tilen Hudrap – Bass
Septimiu Harsan – Drums
Companhia discográfica
Hammerheart Records

Patrick Mameli – Lead guitar/Vocals
Calin Paraschiv – Lead guitar
Tilen Hudrap – Bass
Septimiu Hărşan – Drums

The new album starts with something that sounds like a sacred sermon. In just a few seconds the mood changes, from holy to hellish. It sets the tone for the rest of the album. Although “Doctrine” is not a concept album in a traditional sense, the songs are tied together thematically. The lyrics deal with the various ways humanity often suffers under the burden of religion, doctrines and politics. “I always put a lot of effort in the lyrics”, says Patrick Mameli. “I never felt the need to write so called gore lyrics, like so many other bands do. I am aware of what is going on in the world and I have the feeling that I have something to say about it.”

The curse of religious and political oppression is a theme that fits the music perfectly. “Doctrine” is by far the most extreme album the Dutch death metal band Pestilence unleashed to its worldwide fan base. The album proves at the same time that even after 25 years the band is still willing to take chances. It offers thought provoking lyrics, dissonant chords, complex rhythm patterns and an assault of low tuned monster riffs. Intensity is the key word. Like it always has been.

Pestilence started in 1986. Initially the band was heavily influenced by American and German thrash metal. By the time of their second album, “Consuming Impulse” from 1989, the band had developed its own style: brutal death metal. In the years that followed Pestilence became one of the prime bands in the international death metal scene. The group, based around guitarist, songwriter and (then occasional) vocalist Patrick Mameli, toured relentlessly. Especially tours in the US proved to be very successful.

The band became more skilled over the years, and outside influences crept into the music. This all lead in 1993 to the album “Spheres”, on which Patrick Mameli combined his well loved death metal sound with a new musical passion: fusion. The album was an artistic triumph, but was at the same time many years ahead of its time. In 1994 Pestilence disbanded and Patrick Mameli withdrew from the music scene.

The band announced its comeback in 2008. Any possible skepticism was blown away when in 2009 the new album “Resurrection Macabre” hit the streets. The still loyal fan base was treated with an album that had all the classic ingredients, but showed an even better musicianship than before. The international line up consisted of singer and guitarist Patrick Mameli, bass player Tony Choy, drummer Peter Wildoer and guitarist Patrick Uterwijk. After the release of the album the band toured Europe, The US and South America, playing for old fans and metal maniacs that were way too young the first time around. “The magic was there again”, says Patrick Mameli, looking back.

Never a band to rest on its laurels Pestilence will again blow away the audience with the brand new studio recording. The sound on the album is dominated by the eight string guitars that both Patrick Mameli and Patrick Uterwijk started to use in the period leading up to the album. It gives the songs a brutal, low edged sound that sets a new standard in extreme metal. “The eight string guitar opened a lot of new doors for us”, says Patrick Mameli. “It gives us lots of new musical options and allows us to make the music sound more brutal than before. At the same time it forced me to sing in a higher pitch, because I didn”t want to get my vocals in the way of the low tuned guitar parts. It was a blessing in disguise. My vocals sound more intense and manic than before.”

“Doctrine” marks also a partly new line up that is entirely Dutch again. Jeroen Paul Thesseling was already around during the “Spheres” days. The latest addition is 23 year old drummer Yuma van Eekelen, who is also making his name as member of The New Dominion. “It was partly out of idealism that I returned in 2008 with an international line up”, recalls Patrick Mameli. “It was a great experience, but it was very hard to really work together due to the distance and time. For instance, we never had the possibility to practice on a regular basis. We do now. We exchange ideas, go out together and tell each other which cool albums to check out. Just like in the old tape trader days. It”s great. Pestilence finally feels like a real band again.”

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General Manager
Patrick Mameli
Press contact
Booking agent
Agency: Eternal Rock
Booker: Ludy Wetzl



544826_584435498266485_797351794_n…Thrash/Death Metal legends from Portugal, SACRED SIN, was formed in the summer of ’91, in October ’91 the band recorded their first tape. In September ’92 the band recorded 4 new tracks for a 7″EP out on Slime Rec.(Portugal), and Wild Rags Rec. (U.S.A.) on tape. In ’92 they start touring activity. In the spring of ’93 and due to the interest of Musica Alternativa the band entered Edit studios with producer Jorge Adonis and recorded the fabulous album “DARKSIDE”.

The reaction of both public and critics was unanimous in claiming this as the best death metal album ever released by a Portuguese band. The band has also played some tour dates as support act for NAPALM DEATH and MANOWAR and were invited to play at “HEADBANGERS Ball Video Road Show”. The “DARKSIDE” video has also been featured on MTV-HEADBANGERS BALL (they were the first and only Portuguese band to have a video played on MTV at the time) and it was also played on MTV – Brazil and TELEJONICA – Italy. In April ..95 the band went into the studio again to record the follow-up, to be released by Dinamo / BMG Ariola on November, entitled “Eye M God” it’s much more powerful and better produced than the early material.

During June they support TIAMAT, SAMAEL & SENTENCED. To promote the new album they toured Europe during December supporting MALEVOLENT CREATION, and VADER which began after the gig in Portugal supporting THERAPY ?. From this album they made the video for the titletrack “Eye M God” that has been featuring at MTV..s Headbangers Ball and at VIVA..s Metalla. In June ’98 the band sign a deal with Uniao Lisboa / Farol, and they go to Exit studio to record «Anguish I Harvest». This album is licensed to UK label Dream Catcher for European distribution and is released in February..’99. In March the band starts touring activities in Portugal, and supported ENTOMBED in April. In June the tour follows in Spain and more shows in Portugal. In the Summer the band appears at some major Festival in their country with bands like MANOWAR, NAPALM DEATH, PARADISE LOST, etc.

During November they join PRIMORDIAL for a tour in Portugal and Spain to finish a year of intense touring. In June 2000 they come back for more shows in Portugal, Spain and Belgium. For the Halloween 2000 the band goes back on the road for the 2nd part of «Anguish the Tour», playing more shows in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Germany . In November the band signed with UK label DEMOLITION Records, and in December start the recordings at their own new studio the “13th Cave”. The album intituled «TRANSLUCID DREAM MIRROR» is released on the 9th of April 2000. This album was undoughtly controverse as the band progressed a lot into different styles, but it represents a big step forward on the way the music is made.

Since October 2001, the band has a new drummer, Rolando Barros. With him the band toured in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal during November to promote the latest release «Translucid dream mirror».In the beginning of 2002 the band was writing new songs. Meanwhile, and celebrating a decade of extreme metal releases, is coming out in October a limited edition compilation CD intituled «Mastery of holy imperial art – a decade of extreme metal music 92 – 02» . The track list includes all of Satans favourites songs, re-mastered versions, plus additional cover versions from MORBID ANGEL, VENOM, DARK ANGEL and SLAYER. This release was licensed to BLACKENED MOON Productions (USA), and RESOUND Records (Austria) is putting out in MC format. The new album, the fifth full length release so far, was recorded during March and April , again at the 13th Cave, the bands own studio, the mixing took place during Summer.

This new album, intituled «Hekatón – the return to primordial chaos» is inspired in the myths and legends of Atlantis. It’s the fastest and most brutal release from the band so far. Reviews for this, the bands second release on Demolition, have been the best yet, with Germanys Rock Hard giving them a 8/10 and international reviews in general being 8/10 or higher. Touring from October to December 2005 in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium to promote this release. SACRED SIN is back in 2006, recording during September new release “Dawn Over Desolation” , announced for early 2007, with the band hitting the stages in Portugal and Spain for celebration of 15 years of extreme metal mastery. .. New album «Dawn Over Desolation» is released under Nemesis Productions, including 6 songs: «Dawn Over Desolation», «Spellborn Rotten», «Darkside MMVII A.D.» (new version from the brutal classic), «A Monestary In Darkness / The Shades Behind» (new version), «Thou Art Revenge», and «Abominations» (Morbid Angel cover). .. .. After a break of few months, due to personnal reasons and health problems, the band is working on new songs for recording at the 13th cave, the bands home-studio.

No hurries as usual, the aim is to get the best out of the new songs keeping the old-school Thrash/Death as brutal and intense as possible! Also the band decided to make this year the last for Sacred Sin as «active» live band. These will be their last shows, as tribute to the fans and friends, a last goodbye & thanks to all for the support! .



Damned-Furious Death Metal
Membros da banda
┼ Pedro Silva – Guitars & Vocals
┼ Jorge Marinho – Bass
┼ Diogo Pereira – Drums
┼ Nuno Mourão – Guitars
Porto, Portugal
Companhia discográfica
Lavadome productions (CD)
Larvae Records (Tape)
PESTIFER – [2017] Execration Diatribes
PESTIFER – [2009] Brutal Eruption of Chaos
PESTIFER – [2005] Ready to Kill…Ready to Die!! (Live)
We were at the year 2000. Realizing that the prophecy of the end of the world one more time was not fulfilled, a fearful idea suddenly drove the blood in torren Ver Mais
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Darkness, Rebellion, Inner Power