29 Abr 2017
Abertura de Portas: 20h00
Início: 21h00
Entrada: 7,50€

No próximo dia 29 de Abril (Sábado) começamos um novo capítulo da nossa história.

LOUDER THAN ALL – EPISODE I pretende reunir no RCA CLUB (Lisboa) todos os que ao longo dos últimos 6 anos estiveram connosco e nos apoiaram de forma incansável e celebrar o nosso aniversário ao som de um tremendo cartaz:


Guarda já o teu lugar: https://goo.gl/UwSR7s
🎧 LOUDER THAN ALL – VOL.I: Compilação em CD 🎧

E porque esta é uma noite que queremos que guardem na memória, temos ainda uma surpresa: a data do evento foi escolhida para o lançamento de LOUDER THAN ALL – VOL.I

Editada pela Raising Legends Records com o apoio raging planet, Premiere Music e Avantegarde MNGT, é uma compilação única, tal não é a qualidade dos artistas que dela fazem parte.


Membros: Oz, Peter, Caesar, Paulo Adelino, Mário Lopes
Género: Alternative Metal
Naturalidade: Sintra



  • Fundada a 2007

  • Género

    Death/ Doom/ Black/ Dark Metal

  • Membros da banda

    RStein – Guitar; Muffy – vocals; Rvid – Bass & Sir Nightfall – Drums.

  • Naturalidade


  • Companhia discográfica

    Fatsound Productions

  • Breve descrição

    “3LOGY” OUT NOW!
  • Buy our digital EP at http://karbonsoul.bandcamp.com/album/3logy
  • and order the digipack limited edition at karbonsoul@gmail.com

  • Descrição longa

    KARBONSOUL is a Portuguese death metal band (Sintra) with doom and dark/black metal influences. Formed in March 2007, initially characterized as a gothic metal project; the initial sound was defined as more melodic with melancholic environments. Over the years, KARBONSOUL began to change their musical style, in a natural way to a heavier and obscure metal.

  • Biografia

    KARBONSOUL is a Portuguese death metal band (Sintra) with doom and dark/black metal influences. Formed in March 2007, initially characterized as a gothic metal project; the initial sound was defined as more melodic with melancholic environments. Over the years, KARBONSOUL began to change their musical style, in a natural way to a heavier and obscure metal.
  • The Beginning
  • Leader and guitarist RStein conceived the whole project. It all started during a tour with VS777 when RStein (ex-VS777) met Muffy in Elvas, her hometown. The invitation was accepted for lead vocalist. For this project was also invited Hellfish for drummer. In following to complete the quartet, Rvid was invited to join the band as bassist.
  • 2007
  • The band recorded the first songs, “The Void of Love” and “Tears of Agony” which served as the band’s performance around the Internet.
  • 2008
  • Year dedicated to music composition, rehearsals and preparation, turning an individual project to a band.
  • 2009
  • KARBONSOUL had the opportunity to play live on some heaviest events on the national underground, in which we highlight the openings for bands like KATHAARSYS (Spain); WHY ANGELS FALL; MOURNING LENORE, DARKSIDE OF INNOCENCE and some festival appearances such as Dark Summer Fest with DESIRE, ENTROPIA and INVOKE.
  • 2010
  • In early 2010, KARBONSOUL recorded two songs – “Frozen Bodies” (videoclip) and “The Siren”, together with three other Portuguese bands (ENTROPIA, INCOMING CHAOS and INVOKE), which are part of the Split CD Concilium 13 released by UNIÃO METÁLICA. This work was heavily promoted during the year with the tour of the same name – Concilium 13 Tour through some gigs from north to south of Portugal. Highlighting the opening for old school Portuguese R.A.M.P. in Subversion Tour, opening two dates in Portugal for KELLS (France) and presence at national festivals like Gaia em Peso and Street War Fest, with opening for DECAYED.
  • At the end of the first part of the tour, drummer Hellfish left the project for personal reasons. In September, the drummer Sir Nightfall (ex NOCTURNAL REVERIES) joined the band. A new era was begun for the band, becoming increasingly more intense, brutal and dynamic.
  • 2011
  • In April, KARBONSOUL started recording the EP “3LOGY”.
  • In August, the song “Bleeding Sorrow” enters the compilation Light Bearers, released by INFEKTION MAGAZINE. This compilation brought together some of the best metal bands in the national underground.
  • 2012
  • In December, the quartet stepped on the stage in Évora with BORDERLANDS, GENNOMA and E.D.G.E., and played at festival 2nd Cameraman Metalfest in Moita with ATTICK DEMONS and ACID LIZARD.
  • The end of 2012 and the year 2013 were very troubled times for KARBONSOUL. Health problems of two band members and personal/professional problems have caused almost a break. Still, with much effort, the band remained active in the studio, working on EP 3Logy and composing new songs.
  • 2013
  • In January, KARBONSOUL return to Évora, this time, shared the stage with thrashers CONTRADICTION (Germany) and NUKLEAR INFEKTION.
  • On December 6th, KARBONSOUL make the opening for old school Portuguese masters SACRED SIN, in Lisbon, where Muffy participates as a guest musician on the tour Sacred Sin + Friends with the cover “Arise” (SEPULTURA).
  • In late December, it was completed the mastering of the EP. This work was recorded and mixed in the FATSOUND PRODUCTIONS studios (Sintra), produced by Mário Rodrigues, guitarist and producer of KARBONSOUL. Three songs and a bonus track compose the EP 3Logy: “Bleeding Sorrow”, “Construction through Destruction”, “Decadent Empire” and “3LGYOde”. This work marked the end of a chapter, the beginning of a new era in the music of KARBONSOUL and reflects the last three years of the band.
  • 2014
  • On January 25th, was released the digital format of the EP 3Logy and available on digital stores: iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and for free listening on ReverbNation, Rdio, Soundcloud, Spotify and on Tradiio.
  • On April 5th, KARBONSOUL played at Hellvas Metalfest II with 13 AFTER, EXTREME RETALIATION, KAPITALISTAS PODRIDÃO and grinders RDB.
  • On June 7th, the band played at festival Hell in Sintra 2014 with INVOKE, DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE, GENNOMA and MY ENCHANTMENT. In this day, it’s also released a physical format of the EP 3Logy. A Digipack Limited Edition: Art Booklet + Lyrics + Bonus Track.
  • Artwork was made by vocalist and designer, Muffy.
  • On July 1st, the song “Decadent Empire” enters the compilation 13 Portuguese Metal Compilation vol. III – January/ June 2014, released by 13 METAL COMPILATION. This compilation brought together 13 national bands with releases in the first half of 2014.
  • Current members:
  • Mário “RStein” Rodrigues – guitars, samples (2007-present)
  • Mafalda “Muffy” Hortas – vocals (2007-present)
  • Mário “Rvid” Pinheiro – bass, bouzouki (2007-present)
  • Carlos “Sir Nightfall” Pereira – drums (2010-present)
  • Former members:
  • Rui “Hellfish” Cruz – drums (2007-2010)
  • Guest musicians:
  • Pedro “Reborn” Leal Dias (INVOKE, ENTOPIA, C4) – vocals (2010, The Siren)
  • Ruben Monteiro (ALBALUNA, DORAHOAG, SHARA NAN KHARA, DUKHA) – afghan rabab, turkish oud, frame drum e davul (2014, 3LGYOde – Bonus Track)
  • Demos, singles and videoclips
  • Frozen Bodies (2009, videoclip)
  • Frozen Bodies (2010, split with Invoke, Incoming Chaos e Entropia)
  • The Siren (2010, split with Invoke, Incoming Chaos e Entropia)
  • Bleeding Sorrow (2013, single)
  • Decadent Empire (2014, single)
  • 3LOGY (2014, EP)
  • Compilations
  • Concilium 13 (2010, União Metálica)
  • Light Beareres (2011, Infektion Magazine)
  • 13 Portuguese Metal Compilation – vol. III January/ June 2014 (2014, 13 Metal Compilation)

  • Sexo

    Plural (misto)

  • Interesses pessoais

    Metal, death metal, doom metal, black metal! \m/

  • Localização atual


  • Diretor-geral

    Mário Rodrigues (Rstein)

  • Artistas de quem também gostamos

    Burzum; Behemoth; Vader; Rotting Christ; Satyricon; Septic Flesh…

  • Influências

    Death/Doom/Black/Dark Metal

  • Interesses da banda

    Contact us for gigs!! \m/

  • E-mail





Membros da banda
Nuno Rodrigues
Pedro Mendes
Marcelo Aires
André Sobral


Companhia discográfica
Rastilho Records

Sophisticated metal to modern minds.

O projecto We Are Killing Ourselves surgiu sob o desígnio de Outrage em Janeiro de 2001, quando um círculo de amigos, com as mesmas influências musicais, tentou… Ver Mais

Localização atual
Almeirim / Lisboa – Portugal







Membros da banda
Skatro – Vox e machines
Guadalupe – Bass
Pina – Drums
Rosa -Guitar
Aresta -Guitar


Companhia discográfica
Raging Planet

It Has Begun (2009)Raging Planet

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Localização atual

MOVE UP: info@moveup.pt



Release Date
January 1, 2015

Death/Groove Metal

Membros da banda
António Rocha – Vocals
André Almeida – Guitar
Paulo Monteiro – Guitar
João Costa – Bass
Luís Moreira – Drums


Metal band from Portugal


Oriundos de Vila Das Aves/Paços de Ferreira, nasceram os In Vein, uma banda com o objectivo de criar uma sonoridade original e diferente, juntando as várias influências de cada elemento.

Banda formada inicialmente por António Rocha na voz, André Almeida e Paulo Monteiro nas guitarras, Miguel Alves no baixo e Luís Moreira na bateria.
Ao fim de quase um ano, Miguel decide deixar a banda por motivos pessoais e no seu lugar entra Pedro Figueiredo,baixista residente por apenas três meses,deixando o lugar para o actual baixista João Costa, completando assim a formação actual.

Já com um single lançado em Setembro de 2015,chamado “UNLEASH”.

Neste momento estão com o lançamento do seu primeiro Album intitulado de “Resurrect”,a lançar em Março de 2017 via Raising Legends, onde mostram todo o seu poder e agressividade nos temas apresentados.


Coming from Vila Das Aves / Pacos Ferreira, In Vein were born, a band with the aim of creating an unique and different sound, combining the various influences of each element.

Band initially formed by António Rocha on vocals, André Almeida and Paulo Monteiro on guitar, Miguel Alves on bass and Luis Moreira on drums.
After almost a year, Miguel decides to leave the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Pedro Figueiredo, bassist resident for only three months, leaving the place to the current bassist João Costa, thus completing the current formation.

Already with a single released in September of 2015, called “UNLEASH”.

At the moment they are launching their first album titled “Resurrect”, to be released in March 2017 by Raising Legends, where they show all their power and aggressiveness in the themes presented.

2º Lugar – Concurso de Bandas – Santana Café